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They came for ghosts, but found something much worse…

Will wants one last blast with his friends before they all go off to college. On a stuffy summer night in July, they end up sneaking onto the grounds of Pleasanthood, a ghost town abandoned after a chemical spill twenty years earlier. The grounds are supposed to be haunted by the people who died in the disaster. But Will doesn’t believe in ghosts, so he’s not too worried about that. His primary concern is getting somewhere with his crush, Piper, who he somehow convinced to come along.

But once they arrive, the group quickly realizes something’s not quite right. Stationary objects move seemingly on their own. Thick fog surrounds the town on an otherwise clear evening. And even though it’s the middle of July in south Louisiana, it’s cold enough for them to wear jackets.

And things are about to get worse. When the sun sets, something else emerges from the nearby cemetery. Corpses brought to life by the chemical spill that shut down the plant set out to consume the living, regenerating — and getting stronger — with each kill. Now, trapped within the thick woods surrounding the plant, Will and his friends must escape the living dead…or become part of them.

The Revenants is a supernatural horror novella that fans of zombies and the paranormal alike will enjoy.

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