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McKenzie Palmer is only 16, but she’s going to live forever. 

Well, maybe.

Ten years ago, a devastating economic collapse drove most of the United States into poverty. The only citizens who are free from money worries are the Immortals. Those lucky enough to be chosen as Immortals are given unlimited access to a life prolonging drug called TNV and lifelong grants to sustain lavish lifestyles. It’s a position many would kill for. 

But when McKenzie is selected for this honor, she’s apprehensive. McKenzie’s grandfather was an Immortal, one of the few who left. He’s always told her how unlimited money and power corrupts most Immortals, and she doesn’t want to lose who she is.  

But when McKenzie meets a handsome young Immortal named Gage, grandpa’s warnings fall by the wayside. The more McKenzie falls for Gage, the deeper into the world of the Immortals she goes — and the more she realizes how right her grandpa is. But if she leaves, she’ll lose her boyfriend, her eternal youth and her large income. With one foot in each world, McKenzie has to make the toughest decision of her young — and possibly eternal — life.

The Immortals is a young adult sci-fi/romance novel that explores the theme of whether eternal youth, beauty and power are really worth it in the end.

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