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5 CREEPY haunted places in Houston, Texas [PART 2]

Welcome back! As promised, here are five more creepy haunted places in Houston, Texas. If you haven’t watched part one yet, you can check it out here. Otherwise, let’s get into part 2.

Patterson Road Bridge

Stretching over Langham Creek, this bridge is said to be the site of a couple of different hauntings. As the legends go, if you park your car on the bridge at night, you’ll hear tapping on the windows. Some of these “taps” are said to be so hard that they can be felt inside the car.

But where do the taps come from? Who would want to annoy innocent drivers in the middle of the night? The historical evidence on this is dubious, but it’s said there was a battle in the area during the Civil War — or at least some sort of fighting between soldiers that ended with casualties. Ghost soldiers have been spotted in the area, presumably the ones of those who died in these alleged battles. A blogger over at The Oracle of Dreams claims there were also a few fatal car accidents on the road in the early 2010’s. Are these spirits really those of people who died premature car crash deaths and are still hanging around? Wherever these hauntings are coming from, be careful when stopping on this bridge after daylight ends.

Houston Towers Inn

Sitting at 2309 Wichita Street, this gorgeous bed and breakfast used to be a sprawling five bedroom mansion. For over three decades, the house’s then-owner Charles Fondow spent a substantial amount of time and money renovating it. After he died in 2011, the house was sold and the new owner planned to continue the renovations in Fondow’s memory. But the house went into foreclosure the following year and changed hands again in 2014.

Today, the B&B is said to be haunted by Charles Fondow, who apparently loved the house so much in lifethat he chose to come back even in death. Knocking and other strange noises have been attributed to him, and he’s been spotted roaming the property, both inside and out. Fortunately, Fondow seems to be a pretty benign ghost and probably just wants to continue being hospitable even in the afterlife.

Jefferson Davis Hospital

If there’s one thing we should have learned from fiction, it’s that you don’t build anything over a cemetery. Unfortunately, those who constructed the Jefferson Davis Hospital in 1924 didn’t have Poltergeist yet as a reference, so they made this mistake. The building was named for the former president of the Confederacy to appease the families of soldiers who were upset about it being built over their loved ones’ graves…but that wouldn’t stop the paranormal rumors.

The building was closed in 1939 and served a few other purposes before being abandoned in 1985. While it stood unused, urban explorers who entered claimed to hear disembodied howls and screams, as well as apparitions of soldiers and babies. Some even said they smelled sterilization solution. The most haunted floors were said to be the basement and third floor.

In 2014, the building was restored and is now an apartment complex. Still, the hauntings didn’t fully go away — residents often claim to hear strange whispering at night. With disturbed graves and hundreds of hospital patients who probably died there, it’s a wonder this building isn’t more haunted!


When I was a kid, there was nothing cooler than going to a Tinseltown movie theatre with its giant screens, colorful decorations and video arcades. But those who venture to the Tinseltown 17 in the suburban city of The Woodlands might get more than they bargained for.

As the stories go, the land where this Tinseltown now stands used to be a trailer park, which was the site of a horrific fire in 1971. It’s not clear how many people died in this fire, but one of the victims was reportedly either a man or a young boy. Doors and lights functioning on their own, disembodied voicesand an apparition of a boy in a storage closet have all been reported.

But is this story true? There’s no evidence of a fire occurring in The Woodlands during this time period, at least not any that’s readily available online. The other big legend associated with the theatre involves the apparition of an old man murdering a young boy — so did the old man kill the young boy? Did the boy actually die in the fire? Did the man kill the boy and die himself in the fire later? Either the truth has been lost to time or the entire thing is completely made up. But these stories admittedly do spice up an already exciting moviegoing experience just a little more.

Spaghetti Warehouse

The building at 901 Commerce Street has a storied history that’s hard to find solid information on. According to various online postings, the building used to be a pharmaceutical warehouse, where one young employee met a tragic end after falling down an elevator shaft. The man’s wife reportedly died of grief a year later and, interestingly, she’s responsible for a lot of the hauntings here.

In 1972, the building was turned into a Spaghetti Warehouse, an Italian restaurant with several locations across the eastern United States. During its run, guests and employees alike reported strange occurrences. Floating objects, apparitions in the men’s restroom and reflections in mirrors of people who weren’t thereare just a few of the reported sightings. The grief stricken wife ghost has been blamed for rearranging silverware, dishes and even furniture. She’s also said to tap guests on the shoulder and pull their hair — so she’s not a very nice ghost.

But the hauntings here go beyond mere mischief. In one alleged sighting, a girl claimed she saw a woman with a bent neck on the stairs. In the comments section of a 2018 video, a former employee claimed her co-workers often quit in the middle of a shift due to the paranormal activity.

In 2017, the restaurant was closed after suffering tremendous damage due to Hurricane Harvey. It was later re-opened as Warehouse 72 on Katy Freeway, though there’s no word yet on whether the Spaghetti Warehouse ghosts have migrated to the new location.

So those are all the haunted Houston locations I have for you. Be sure to check out part one if you haven’t already, and head over to the YouTube video to let me know if you’ve ever had a paranormal experience at any of these places.

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