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Penny didn’t believe in ghosts…until they started talking to her.


Ever since her mother’s death five years ago, 16-year-old Penny Boudreaux has had a fascination with death, even opting for part time work at her mother’s old funeral home. Between the stresses of school, work and toxic friends, Penny could use a mother’s guidance. But she never believed anyone could return from the dead.

Then she begins hearing whispers in quiet rooms and seeing strange figures nobody else can see. And when she meets a mysterious boy named Stephen Campbell, she realizes he may provide the answers she seeks about the Gift she suspects she possesses — the Gift of necromancy.

With her newfound Gift — and Stephen’s help — Penny sets out to resurrect her mother. But her experience is limited and her patience thin, especially when an otherworldly encounter leads her to believe her mother’s death wasn’t the accident she thought. Now Penny must bring back and avenge her mother without harming Stephen — or herself.

An equal mix of romance and horror, Penny Dreadful will appeal to fans of Stephenie Meyer and Stephen King alike.

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