16-year-old Penny Boudreaux didn’t believe in ghosts…until they started talking to her.


Ever since her mother’s death five years ago, Penny has had a fascination with death, even opting for part time work at her mother’s old funeral home. Between school stress and toxic friends, Penny could use a mother’s guidance. But she never believed anyone could return from the dead.


Then the dead began speaking to her. And when Penny meets a mysterious boy named Stephen Campbell, she realizes he may provide the answers he may seek about the Gift she suspects she possesses — the Gift of necromancy.


With her newfound Gift, Penny sets out to resurrect her mother, and enlists Stephen’s help. But her experience is limited and her patience thin — especially when an otherworldly encounter leads her to believe her mother’s death wasn’t the accident she thought. Now Penny must bring back and avenge her mother without harming Stephen — or herself.


An equal mix of romance and horror, Penny Dreadful will appeal to fans of Stephenie Meyer and Stephen King alike.

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