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“You know what the ancient Celts said about Halloween? They thought that on this night, the veil between the living and the dead was thinner than it was all year. That the spirits of the dead could even cross paths with us.”

It’s Halloween night, but 16-year-old Fallon Beasley is celebrating reluctantly. She’s still grieving the death of her father five months ago.

After an uncomfortable night out, Fallon’s crush, Toby, offers to give her a ride home. Instead, he takes her to a cemetery, where she reads the inscription on a woman’s tomb — and accidentally transports both of them to the world of the dead.

In order to get home, Fallon and Toby must find Thanatos, the king of the dead. But when Fallon sees her dad in the underworld, she’s not sure she wants to leave until she can see him one last time. And if they don’t hurry, the restless dead who roam this world could attack — and Fallon and Toby could be stuck here permanently.

The Castle of Thanatos is a dark fantasy novella that fans of mythology and horror alike will enjoy.

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